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Introducing our exquisite 3×5 Feet Handmade Carpet: The Royal Grey Hand-Knotted Parda Rug!

Indulge in luxury and timeless elegance with our handcrafted masterpiece, the Royal Grey Hand-Knotted Parda Rug. Designed to adorn your living space with regal charm, this exceptional carpet showcases the finest craftsmanship and intricate detailing that will captivate anyone who lays their eyes upon it.

Key Features:

Premium Quality: Each Royal Grey Hand-Knotted Parda Rug is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans using only the finest materials. We source high-quality wool or silk to ensure durability, softness, and a luxurious feel underfoot.

Unique Design: The rug’s design boasts an enchanting blend of traditional and contemporary elements, creating a sophisticated allure that complements any interior decor. The subtle shades of grey are elegantly interwoven, bringing a sense of balance and harmony to your space.

Hand-Knotted Beauty: The intricate hand-knotting technique used in creating this masterpiece guarantees its longevity and durability. The careful attention to detail by our skilled craftsmen ensures that each knot is perfectly placed, creating a smooth and even surface.

Perfect Size: Measuring 3×5 feet, this rug is versatile and ideal for various settings, whether you wish to enhance your living room, bedroom, study, or any other special area in your home.

Timeless Appeal: The Royal Grey Hand-Knotted Parda Rug is a testament to the rich heritage of traditional rug-making. Its classic design transcends time and trends, making it an investment that will stand the test of time, both in style and quality.

Luxurious Texture: Experience the ultimate indulgence as you walk barefoot or relax on this sumptuously soft rug. Its plush pile provides comfort while adding a touch of opulence to your space.

One-of-a-Kind: Due to its handmade nature, each Royal Grey Hand-Knotted Parda Rug is truly unique. No two pieces are alike, adding to its allure and exclusivity.

Elevate the ambiance of your home with the Royal Grey Hand-Knotted Parda Rug and let its royal charm and unmatched craftsmanship transform your living space into a sanctuary of elegance and beauty. Experience the pride of owning a genuine work of art that will be cherished for generations to come.


Royal Grey




Art Silk

Pile Hight

8-10 MM



Size (W x H)

3×5 feet (90×150 cm)

Time to Make

30 Days

Weave Type

Hand Knotted


7 Pound or 3.5 Kg Approx


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